Preliminary Diagnostic


                If your computer is displaying errors or not functioning normally, then you need a PRELIMINARY DIAGNOSTIC.







  • Booting to the Desktop
  • Checking System Settings and Configurations
  • Virus/Spyware Scan
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Testing System Performance

Booting to Desktop

Whether using a PC or a Mac, sometimes your computer fails to properly load its operating system. We employ methods to properly circumvent any hang-ups or time-outs to reach your system's desktop. During the booting and idling process we log any and all errors or odd behaviors we find.


Checking System Settings and Configurations

There are a multitude of computer settings and configurations that are automatically activated or deactivated in the normal everyday usage of your computer, whether installing new programs, downloading new music files, or even visiting websites on the internet. There are many programs and processes (some good, some bad) - and even options you may have inadvertently activated - that alter the original behavior of your computer; causing errors and slowdowns.

We know where to look for your settings and how they should be set to return your computer to proper functionality.


Virus / Spyware Scan

Downloaded files, as well as random visits to unverified websites, will cause major and minor errors to your computer.

Did you know that whenever you 'visit' a website you're not really 'going' anywhere. Files are downloaded to 'temp' folders onto your computer so you can see any webpage. Many of these downloaded files can carry along with them "hidden programs" that can:

• Track your Internet visits

• Force you to visit specific websites

• Annoy you with irrelevant pop-ups and ads

• Even DESTROY your computer

We perform a deep, highly targeted, scan into your system's registry to find any Adware, Spyware, Viruses, Worms, and irritating Trackers.

For more details on eliminating these errors before they activated, duplicate, corrupt and/or transmit any personal system files or information, please see remove virus / spyware.


Connecting to the Internet

Connecting to the Internet isn't as simple as it appears to be. Maybe you click "connect" on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or just open your browser, but it doesn't end there... There are many steps to connecting to the Internet, from: activating your modem, attaining an IP address, opening access through gateways and firewalls, and properly sending and receiving data packets.

Also on today's Internet, there are many websites that (legitimately) require you to download "cookies" - files that contain important information easing/allowing operations on the website you've visited - or run flash for movies or banners.

Many pieces, many steps, and many things that can go wrong.

We'll go through your unique connection process and isolate your problems.

For more details on correcting these errors, please see internet troubleshooting.


Testing System Performance

Each computer only has a limited amount of RAM and virtual memory allocated to perform "all" tasks as the computer is in operation. Each program and process running on your computer pulls resources and performance from your computer.

There are also times when files and programs necessary to run daily operations on your computer will "corrupt".

We perform a thorough test of your computer system's performance and diagnose your errors.

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