Network Cabling and Wiring

Roanoke Computers is not just about computers. We also work with Business Telephone Systems with Cabling and Wiring throughout Virginia. Roanoke Computers can be trusted to design and install a system for all of your needs involving cabling and wiring. We help businesses stay connected with innovative communications solutions.

Commitment to Industry Best Practices

Our experts understand every aspect of communications system infrastructure.

Roanoke Computers is one of the most diversified cabling companies in Virginia. We continuously invest in better ways of delivering our services by committing to state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our products and services combine for superior, long-lasting business solutions. With our highly qualified experts and our commitment to industry best practices, we have become a leader with a strong reputation for the highest standards in technology, safety, and customer service.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Because of our commitment to technology, workmanship, and unparalleled customer care, Roanoke Computers offers maximum value for our clients. Our in-house team of experienced technical experts allows us to tailor data cabling solutions to each business’s unique needs. We have built a reputation for serving businesses in Roanoke with the individual attention and custom technological solutions that require for maximum success.

Roanoke Computers can cable horizontally which consists of all the service for both internet and telephone being delivered from one location. Usually the location is hidden and away, like a computer room or closet within the building where you do your business. Horizontal Cabling connects the main location, i.e. closet or computer room, with each phone and computer used by your employees.

However, Roanoke Computers also deals with vertical cabling which connects different locations together. This would be ideal if there are several offices in the same building but in different sections of a building.

In addition, Roanoke Computers can provide a fully customizable, high-speed connectivity service for the following:

Voice inter-office cabling connecting telephones and the phone system
Data inter-office cabling connecting PCs, printers, and peripherals to your network and the internet.
LAN/WAN Infrastructure
 Category 3,5, 5e, 6, 7, wireless, and coaxial infrastructure
Preliminary architectural design and standards compliance
Cabling infrastructure design and maintenance
Network cabling
 Fiber optics
 Surveillance systems (Security Cameras, CCTV)
Audio-visual solutions
 Paging systems (Digital, Analog, VoIP)
 Access Control
Network rack equipment

Roanoke Computers offers consulting services to ensure lasting quality in your design and layout of your home and office cabling.

Structured Network Cabling

To succeed today, your company needs structured voice and data cabling that meets the highest industry standards, and Roanoke Computers’ services have you covered.

Connectivity is essential to today’s business functioning.

After we get to know your business operations, our engineers design and install your custom cabling system, and then thoroughly test the system before signing off on it. Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7a are four important categories of cabling we provide, each with different specifications.

 Cat5e – Category 5e cable is 100 MHz cabling used in Ethernet computer networks and is suitable for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, video, and telephone signals.

 Cat6 – Cat6 cabling is 250MHz cabling and is standard for Gigabit Ethernet, with more stringent specs for system noise and crosstalk.

 Cat6a– Cat6a cabling, also known as Augmented Category 6, is 500 MHz cabling with better alien crosstalk characteristics than Cat6 for less interference from other nearby cabling.

Cat7a – Category 7a cable operates at frequencies up to 1000 MHz It is designed for multiple applications including 40 Gigabit Ethernet, 100 Gigabit Ethernet, and cable TV.

Industries We Serve

With proper planning of your cabling infrastructure before installation, you can save up to 40% on product and labor costs. That is one reason planning is a critical aspect of Roanoke Computers’ services.

Bandwidth, reliability, and security are critical to your business network.

We serve the following industries with innovative cabling solutions:

Data Center / SANs – We provide high bandwidth and high-density solutions with 10G copper cabling and 40G/100G capable optic fiber.

Security – Through standard UTP and optical fiber IP architecture, we enable video surveillance and access control with simplified network management and expansion-ready cabling.

Healthcare – With new laws regarding electronic healthcare data, businesses require reliable connections that bring together physicians and patient data with maximum efficiency.

Hospitality – Hospitality solutions include security, entertainment, and business functions in places such as hotels, and Roanoke Computers’ cabling solutions install high speed 10G network cabling for these purposes.

Roanoke Computers’ team of network cabling professionals have experience with a vast range of telecommunications equipment across multiple industries. call us @ (540) 491-4545 to find out more.

Cat5e Network Cabling Installation

What Is Cat5e Network Cabling Used For? Cat5e cabling is a popular choice for many businesses

Cat5e network cabling is the most commonly used and requested everyday network cabling solution. It is used with 10BASE-T (Ethernet), 100BASE-TX (fast Ethernet), and 1000BASE-T (gigabit Ethernet) networks. Cat5e provides performance up to 100 MHz over distances up to 100 meters. Compared to the older Cat5 cabling, Cat5e is subject to stricter standards for near-end crosstalk, far-end crosstalk, return loss, and attenuation.

Why Roanoke Computers Should Be Your Choice for Cat 5e Installation

There are three main reasons why Roanoke Computers should be your choice for Cat5 cabling installation are experience, planning expertise, and individual attention:

Roanoke Computers has extensive experience working with schools, data centers, campus networks, and office buildings with Cat5e installations.

Roanoke Computers believes in careful planning before installation. This helps the installation go smoothly and does not close off options should your company need to upgrade.

Roanoke Computers knows that each organization has unique needs and gets to know those needs so that the best possible installation can be designed and executed.

Compared to the older Cat5 cabling, Cat5e is subject to stricter standards for near-end crosstalk, far-end crosstalk, return loss, and attenuation.

Why Roanoke Computers Should Be Your Choice for Cat 5e Installation

There are three main reasons why Roanoke Computers should be your choice for Cat5 cabling installation are experience, planning expertise, and individual attention:

Roanoke Computers has extensive experience working with schools, data centers, campus networks, and office buildings with Cat5e installations.

Roanoke Computers believes in careful planning before installation. This helps the installation go smoothly and does not close off options should your company need to upgrade.

Roanoke Computers knows that each organization has unique needs and gets to know those needs so that the best possible installation can be designed and executed.

How Roanoke Computers Excels at Cat5e Network Cabling Installation

Roanoke Computers’ cabling experts do not think of your business as “just another job,” but as an opportunity to excel and help your business work better. We believe in continuing education for our employees, and we stay at the forefront of cabling technology to offer clients the best solutions for their unique requirements.

It is easy to request a quote for your next Cat5e installation from Roanoke Computers.

Cat6 Network Cabling Installation

What Is Cat6 Network Cabling? Cat6 is one type of cabling used for highspeed Ethernet connections.

Cat6 network cabling may look just like Cat5e or Cat5 network cabling, but there are differences that make it the preferred choice for some organizations. When compared with Cat5e network cabling, Cat6 is subject to stricter standards concerning system noise and crosstalk. Cat6 cabling is rated for up to 250 MHz (compared to 100 MHz for Cat 5e), and works with 10BASE-T (Ethernet), 100BASE-TX (fast Ethernet), 1000BASE-T /TX (gigabit Ethernet), and 10GBASE-T (10 gigabit ethernet). It can be used in lengths of up to 330 feet (or 180 feet in 10GBASE-T networks).

Reasons for Choosing Cat6 Network Cabling for Your Business

Your business may have been operating fine with Cat5e cabling, but needs change quickly, and Cat 6 cabling may be worth considering if you are wiring for new construction or retrofitting a new location. Of course, if you have 10 gigabit Ethernet needs, Cat6 or higher cabling is required to take advantage of those blazing fast speeds. But even if your current needs do not yet call for Cat6, it may be wise to go ahead and install it to accommodate future needs without having to rewire everything.

Your cabling provider should take into account present and future needs.

Why Roanoke Computers Is Your Choice for Installing Cat6 Network Cabling

Installing network cabling is always a customized process for your business. We take the time to understand client concerns, current needs, and all the possibilities for future needs. Then we design a custom Cat6 cable solution that addresses needs now while allowing for future changes with minimal disruption. Not all Cat6 cable network providers are alike. Roanoke Computers adheres to the highest industry practices, stays current on the latest in technology, and ensures that our highly trained experts receive continuous training to stay at the leading edge of industry practices.

Cat6a Network Cabling Installation

What Cat6a Can Do for Your Business

Cat6a cabling’s great properties make it the cable of choice for many companies.

Cat6a cabling is gaining popularity for business network cabling installations, and it is no mystery why. Cat 6a provides amazing performance, giving your organization improved bandwidth, network efficiency, and data throughput. With Cat6a cabling installed by Roanoke Computers, you will get:

 More usable bandwidth for your enterprise

 Better peak performance

 Reliable copper cabling technology

 More value for your business’s IT budget

 Longer life for your enterprise cabling infrastructure

What You Should Know About Cat6a

Cat6a can handle 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-TX, and 10GBASE-T (Gigabit) Ethernet connections. It is rated for 250 MHz, allowing it to traverse longer distances than Cat6 cabling. Because of better insulation, crosstalk and attenuation is significantly lower with Cat6a cabling compared with Cat6. Though early Cat6a cabling was significantly thicker than Cat6, now Cat6a cabling has slimmed down. Compared to Cat6, Cat6a combines tight pair twists with added insulation and a central plastic support.

Roanoke Computers’ Services Add Even More Value

Roanoke Computers takes the time to understand your company’s requirements.

Roanoke Computers knows that bandwidth demands tend to increase over time, so we take the time to learn about your business and plan your cabling installation carefully. For many businesses, Cat6a is the right choice, even if its full capabilities will not be used immediately. Size and weight issues are usually offset by Cat6a speed and crosstalk advantages.

Great Results Are Possible with Cat6a

There are a few considerations that must be considered with Cat6a. It is bigger and heavier, affecting how many cables fit into a cable tray, and requires a bigger bend radius. For these reasons, you must choose your Cat6a installer carefully. Cat6a cabling requires more testing before signing off on the install, and Roanoke Computers’ trained experts are not done until the installation has been thoroughly tested.

Cat7a Networking Cable for Business

Roanoke Computers offers Cat7a network cabling for businesses that require performance beyond 10/100BASE-T and even Gigabit specs.

Cat7a network cabling is the ultimate in “future-proof” cabling solutions.

Cat 7a cable is rated for 1.2 GHz per pair, which is twice the performance of Cat7 and the highest of any available copper cabling system. The high performance of Cat7a is particularly well-suited for:

Data centers

 Health care imaging applications

 Financial services applications

Facts About Cat7a Cabling

With Cat7a systems, there are two types of connector options. The first is the GG45, which is backward compatible with RJ45 connectors by use of a switch within the jack. This switch changes the pole layout from the RJ45 eight contacts in a line to four pairs of contacts at the corners. This makes a Cat7A installation compatible with existing hardware so it can be reused. The GG45 is also recommended by the ISO as the preferred connector for data center installations.

Cable Sharing with Cat7a

The other connector type option is TERA, which is not backward compatible with RJ45 and has contacts arranged in pairs at each corner of the connector. While this is different than existing wiring options, the advantage is that the pairs can be used individually for different applications, meaning multiple applications can be supported by one cable. This can have a tremendous cost benefit, since one cable can support 100Mb Ethernet, phone, and video on separate wires.

Cat7a is often the best solution for medical imaging applications
where speed and bandwidth are absolutely critical.

How Cat7a Network Cabling Benefits Your Business

Cat7a is a great investment in the “future-proofing” of your business. Since it allows for cable sharing with simultaneous support of multiple applications in a single cable administered through a single outlet, Cat7a is a great choice for a smarter, greener business.

If you think Cat7a cabling is the right choice for your business, call Roanoke Computers @ (540) 491-4545. We are here to advise you and help select the best, most cost-effective communications infrastructure for your business.

Fiber Optics

Roanoke Computers offers a range of fiber optic products and services. Fiber optic cabling is used extensively in LAN backbones, industrial networks, security cameras, and many other applications. As the most economical means of transmitting high-bandwidth information, fiber optic systems have many advantages compared to electrical transmission.

We work with you to provide the best fiber optic solutions for your needs.

There are three main types of our fiber optic services we provide:

1 – Single Mode – Single mode fiber is best at retaining the fidelity of a light pulse over longer distances. Therefore, it can carry higher bandwidth than multi-mode fiber.

2 – Multi Mode – Multi mode fiber is best over short distances, such as within a single building or campus. Multi-mode fiber is capable of rates of 10 Gbps over lengths of up to 300 meters.

3 – Laser Optimized – Laser optimized fibers allow transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbps over even longer distances.

Industries We Service

The security industry is just one industry we serve with high speed transmission networks.

Data Centers / SANs – Roanoke Computers provides high-bandwidth, high-density solutions with optical fiber capable of 40 Gbps to 100 Gbps transmission.

Security – Through standard based UTP and optical fiber IP architecture, we enable video surveillance and access control today while enabling expansion tomorrow.

Government – We install secure networks using specialized optical fiber and shielded copper cabling.

Education – Roanoke Computers installs advanced cabling to create connected classrooms.

Financial – In an industry where downtime is unreasonably expensive, we offer reliable and robust cabling that handles peak performance with ease, while providing redundancy.

Healthcare – Our cabling connects physicians to patient data with the best in performance and security.

Hospitality – These diverse environments require solutions that integrate numerous processes into integrated systems, delivering high-speed transmission supported by a 10 Gbps network.

When you choose Roanoke Computers, you can be confident the work will be done correctly to the highest standards and on schedule

Single Mode Fiber Optics

Single mode optical fiber carries a single light ray, allowing each light pulse to retain fidelity over longer distances and with greater bandwidth than in multi-mode fibers. Rates up to 10 Gbps are possible over distances of 50 miles with commercially available transceivers. With optical amplifiers, state-of-the-art single fiber systems can span even longer distances at up to 40 Gbps.

Single mode fiber optic is the optimal solution for many applications.

The single mode fiber optic cabling installed by Roanoke Computers has an 8.3-micron core. Because the core is so small compared to a multi-mode fiber, tighter tolerances are required, making single mode fiber optic the right choice for many applications, including:

 Telephony connections

 Connections to remote plant electronics

 Connecting splitters, couplers, and wavelength division multiplexers to optic fibers

Single mode fiber components and equipment are more costly than multi-mode counterparts, but in some cases, they are the ideal choice.

Is Single Mode Optic Fiber Right for Your Business?

Roanoke Computers takes time to get to know each client, learning their needs and limitations and devising the best solution to fulfill needs now while maximizing future options. Single mode optic fiber may not be right for your needs, but Roanoke Computers will take the time to find out and give you a solution that works best for you.

Roanoke Computers Single Mode Fiber Installation

Client satisfaction depends on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

If single mode optic fiber is your best option, Roanoke Computers offers efficient installation, getting the job done correctly the first time and thoroughly testing it before signing off on it. We also provide you with the most cost-effective solution, as our many satisfied clients can attest.

If fiber optic cable is in your organization’s future, Roanoke Computers invites you to call us @ (540) 491-4545. We are ready to install the fiber optic solution your business needs for today and tomorrow.

Multi-Mode Fiber Optics

Originating in the 1970s, multi-mode fiber started out with light-emitting diodes as their light sources. Today’s multi-mode fiber is mostly used for communications over shorter distances, making it ideal for use on campuses or within single buildings. Data rates of 10 Gbps over distances of 300 meters are achievable.

Multi-mode optical fiber is the backbone of many on-premises applications.

Multi-mode fiber has a core diameter of 50 to 100 microns, versus 8.3 microns for single mode fibers. It therefore has greater light-gathering capability than single mode fiber. The larger core size also simplifies connections and allows use of LEDs and other lower-cost electronics, rather than more expensive laser sources in some applications. LED light sources with multi-mode fibers produce many wavelengths, and this can limit the useful length for multi-mode cable compared to laser-driven single mode fiber. But multi-mode fiber meets many needs and is more cost effective than single mode fiber.

Applications for Multi-Mode Fiber

With high reliability and capacity, multi-mode fiber is the fiber of choice for premises backbone applications. In some cases, fiber is run directly to the desktop. Some architectures allow organizations to centralize electronics in telecommunications hubs rather than having active electronics on each floor, and this can cost-effectively optimize use of multi-mode cable.

Why Roanoke Computers Is Your Provider of Choice

We take time to design the best possible fiber optic cable installation for your needs.

Roanoke Computers has extensive experience designing and installing multi-mode cable infrastructure, and we are committed to structuring installations to unique client needs. Our priorities are top-quality materials and installation, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. We do the utmost to maximize the usefulness of your multi-mode installation today while maximizing your expansion options for the future.

If your organization is considering multi-mode fiber installation call Roanoke Computers @ (540) 491-4545. We can show you exactly why our customers consistently give us outstanding testimonials.

Laser-Optimized Fiber Optics

Laser optimized fiber optic cabling enables data transmission over longer distances previously only feasible with single mode fiber. Just how good is the data transmission? Well, it can transmit data at 100 Gbps for up to 600 feet, and 10 Gbps up for distances up to 1,000 feet. The result is increased bandwidth and reduced network costs. These are recommended laser optimized fiber solutions.

Laser optimized fiber is the forward-looking, cost-effective solution for many businesses.

OM4 Fiber

OM4 fiber has been around since 2005 and was standardized in 2009. OM4 fiber allows cable infrastructure design to support longer distances or more connections for Ethernet or Fiber Channel applications. It is also cost effective because it avoids the need for expensive single mode fiber transceivers.

Laser Optimized Fiber Optic Cabling

Laser Optimized Fiber Optic cables have optical characteristics equal to or better than OM4 fiber. For example, Laser Optimized Fiber Optic allows 100 gigabit Ethernet at distances of up to 600 feet. This superior performance makes it a more cost-effective solution for data centers when compared with higher cost single mode optic fiber.

Advantages of Laser Optimized Fiber Optic Cables

Careful choice of laser optimized fiber keeps TOC low and maximizes future upgrade options.

The three main advantages of CommScope LazrSPEED 550 Cables are:

 Laser Optimized Fiber Optic cabling infrastructure is fully compatible with emerging, current, and older applications, and provides the longest reach possible over multi-mode fiber.

 Laser Optimized Fiber Optic has the lowest total cost of ownership. It reduces immediate capital costs by extending reach of low-cost optical transceivers, reducing or eliminating the need for higher-cost, single-mode fiber.

 Laser Optimized Fiber Optic uses multimode transceivers, which require less power than single mode transceivers. It also provides a superior upgrade path to faster applications without the need to replace cabling infrastructure or reconfigure data center architecture.

Roanoke Computers’ Laser Optimized Fiber Optics Solutions

Call Roanoke Computers @ (540) 491-4545 to discuss your laser optimized fiber optics needs. We will thoroughly assess your situation and recommend the most cost-effective solution that maximizes utility today and upgrade capability for tomorrow.