iPhone 4S




Part for Repair Price

Front Glass & LCD


Issue:  Cracked front glass or broken/damaged LCD.


Front Glass & Back Glass


Issue: Cracked back glass and front glass in some cases your LCD will be damaged too.


Back Glass


Issue: From simple scratches to completely cracked glass.


Color Conversions


Issue: Are you getting tired of the same ol’ white and black?




Issue: Phone dying sooner then regular or not holding charge.


Home Button


Issue: Home button getting stuck or not responding.


Proximity Sensor


Issue: Are your either dialing random numbers, ending calls unexpectedly or putting your call on mute?

Volume Button $69.00
Issue: Not being able to lower or higher your volume.  



Issue: Your phone stopped vibrating? Are you not feeling the vibration on how you used to?


Silent Switch


Issue: Can’t put your phone on silent.


Power Button


Issue: Having problems turning off your phone or putting it on sleep mode.




Issue: Unable to record or the other person can’t hear you.


Loud Speaker


Issue: Any external audio issue.




Issue:  Are you having problems hearing your calls clearly or not able to hear them at all.


Front Camera


Issue: Are your pictures coming out blurry or not clear?


Back Camera


Issue: Are your pictures coming out blurry or not clear?


Charging Dock


Issue: Phone not charging correctly.


Audio Jack


Issue: Unable to hear your music or video via headset.


Water Damage


Issue: Did your phone fall into water?


Complete Refurbish


Issue: Wanting to make your phone look like new.




Issue: Not knowing what is wrong with your phone