Services on Demand

Service on Demand, also known as break/fix, is often our first contact with you. You may have a network problem, server crash, virus problem, or some other issue that is keeping you from doing business. Whatever it is, we can help fix it.

Our goal is to avoid these types of situations, but, sometimes they happen, and when they do, here is how we can help you…


Network Configuration

We can help ensure all your PCs talk to each other, the server and the internet. We can help get email flowing again, ensure the website is accessible and provide flexible network printing solutions.



It is recommended that businesses replace their PC’s every 36-48 months. This is due to a combination of changes in the software requirements, licensing, and health of the hardware. We can help you plan for an upgrade by breaking it down into phases and avoid much of the chaos that often comes from system upgrades.



We can help rollout new PC’s, Servers, Printers, anything that touches your network (yes, even getting email on your iPhone or other mobile device). If it’s technology related and impacts your business, we can help take the stress out of installing and configuring it.



We can help configure your mail server, migrate your email to a hosted solution, or configure remote users to access their email from almost anywhere. We have robust SPAM filtering solutions that keep your emails flowing while preventing obnoxious and dangerous SPAM.


Server Support and Hosted Solutions

We can help you decide if a server is necessary for your business. We can then help select, install and configure the right one for your business. We will ensure there is a backup strategy that protects your valuable business data. We will then monitor your server’s health and help identify issues before they become a “server down” situation.


Vendor Management

We can help manage your technology vendors for you. Let us work with your ISP or other technology vendor. We speak their language and can work on your behalf to ensure you get the service your deserve.


Managed Service Plan

• the health of your servers

• your desktops

• your network


Data Protection

The most important part of your business technology is your backup strategy. This is your business data insurance. How and where you back up your critical business data dictates how well and how quickly you will recover when there is data loss. There are many options available for backing up your data and we will take the time to understand your requirements and match a solution that works for you and your business. We offer a FREE audit of your current backup system and will provide a detailed analysis of your backup system and any potential risks to your business.

We also offer the latest security products to help combat the growing list of Malware (virus/spyware) threats. According to Webroot, 85% of malware is now distributed through the web. Combine this with how much business is conducted via the internet and you have a significant threat to your business. We can help protect you from these growing threats.


Business Efficiency

What if we could give you an extra 10 hours per week? Ten more hours to spend any way you want, on your business, your family, or just sleeping in. How can we do this? Well, we can’t actually change the length of the day, that would just confuse everyone, but, what we can do is convert on average 10 hours of lost time per week back into usable time.


Time spent in traffic, in line at the store, at the auto repair shop, and so on. Time normally lost is converted into productivity – it’s all about getting things done. That’s what our mobile services can help you do. By implementing our services you can start getting things done and capture some of that lost time.


Remote service

Remote services from Computer Troubleshooters empower you to be productive anywhere, any time. Access your office computers remotely and avoid the commute altogether. Traffic, weather, fuel prices got you down? Don’t call in sick, call in productive.


Mobile email

Mobile email services allow you to keep in touch with your business contacts whenever and wherever you want. Turn that time at the DMV into getting-things-done time. Waiting in line behind someone ordering a $12 latte with 4 extra flavors, 2 types of milk at temperatures more precise than you care to know? While he is rambling on about Sumatra beans, soy, and 173.28 degree milk, you can have a double-shot of productivity as you confirm a new order from a customer.


Distributed workforce

Grow your business without growing your costs. Bring on more staff and enjoy the flexibility of the anywhere office. Empower your staff to get things done without the hassle and expense of more office space. Distribute your human resources where they are most productive; home, the library, the coffee shop, wherever. It’s the wherever office from Computer Troubleshooters.


Business Collaboration

Our collaboration solutions provide an array of options for you to empower your staff to work together even if they aren’t physically in the same location. Shared data (calendars, contacts), mobile device support (iPhone, etc.), Remote access/printing, File sharing, and Document Management are just some of the options available. Call us to discuss how we can help your staff work together wherever they are.


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