If your Internet connection is slow or you cannot connect at all, then you need INTERNET TROUBLESHOOTING.


  • Testing the Internet Connection
  • Check all Modems, Routers, Adapters, etc.
  • Check all Internet Settings and Configurations
  • Contacting the ISP if needed
  • Testing Internet Connection

Testing Internet Connection

There are many steps to connecting to the Internet, from: activating your modem, attaining an IP address, opening access through gateways & firewalls, and properly sending and receiving data packets.


Where does your unique problem lie? Does your computer failed to connect completely, or does it timeout after a few moments of being connected? Is you internet connection slower than normal?


Its important to perform a thorough test at each level of your connection to isolate your specific problem, or any solution could merely be a "quick fix".


Modems, Routers, Adapters...

Your Internet connection problem could be caused by hardware failure. Modems, routers, adapters, and even the wire that connect these devices to your computer could be worn or damaged by: heat, physical damage, static electricity, or age.


Or many times, as the Internet advances in website technology (like flash), each hardware's firmware (operating software) could be out of date.


Unfortunately, consumers aren't educated on the importance - and proper steps - of caring for and updating their internet hardware.


Checking Internet Settings & Configurations

Many times, malicious programs like viruses, spyware and adware forcible alter your natural Internet settings and configurations. This is against the law to do, however its a crime that's difficult to prevent since the Internet is so vast and anonymous.


At other times, users can unknowingly alter their internet settings and inadvertently cause their internet to be blocked.


We're familiar with all standard internet connection settings and will return yours back to default.


Contacting Your ISP (if needed)

After exhausting all levels of your Internet connection, if we've found nothing wrong with your Internet problems we will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) on your behalf and determine if they are experiencing a problem with providing service.


It's natural for ISPs to experience occasional outages in heavy traffic areas. ISP are also continuously testing and upgrading their fiber-optic lines to provide you with the fastest, cleanest signal.


DID YOU KNOW: Our world-wide-web Internet connection occurs by maintaining fiber-optic cables spanning hundreds of miles below sea-level; thousands of miles across our oceans? If one small break occurs, a ship (as large as a football field) must use radar to find the buried cable at sea, find the break, and then fish the entire section of cable through the ship to fix. This entire process can take an entire day.


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