Let Roanoke Computers connect you to the Internet, so you can work and play wirelessly via Wi-Fi and securely in your home or business. We do simple home Wi-Fi installation to fully meshed wireless installation throughout whole buildings such as warehouses, hospitals, schools, etc. Roanoke Computers offers expert advice and services as you plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize your wireless network. Our consultants and engineers have direct experience in all phases of deploying wireless network infrastructures (WLAN). We are Microsoft and Cisco experts and have experience with companies ranging from small firms to global enterprises. With specialized tools and knowledge of the latest wireless networking technology, Roanoke Computers can gain an in-depth knowledge of your business objectives to assist you in successfully deploying your wireless network. With us you will be able to Safely share Internet access, files, programs, printers, music, photos, movies and more. Get advice on the best broadband Internet solution for your particular area. What about if you are having problems with your current wireless (W-Fi) connection? No Problem! We can troubleshoot your current wireless network setup and secure it to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your connection. Anytime, anywhere you can access your network resources with the same quality of experience that a wired network delivers, it is now easier with wireless networks. Our wireless services include the best in class electromagnetic waves to carry the wireless signals to different communicational paths with the help of our security and efficiency monitoring devices. At Roanoke Computers we strive to provide you with excellent wireless networking services, installation and maintenance. We will evolve your infrastructure to enable secure, seamless and scalable network experiences.

Do you have a need for a collaborative environment with a wireless LAN assessment? We have all of your wireless networking needs, focus on great speed with safety and interference detection. Whether it is wireless broadband mobile or wireless broadband internet services, we are the most efficient providers and installers of both services according to our clients’ needs.

Some of the Major Benefits That You Can Have With Us:

Mobility: with wireless LAN systems we can provide the LAN users with access to real-time information anywhere in their organization. This mobility supports productivity and service opportunities which can’t be performed with wired networks. It brings the independence of working from anywhere.

Installation Speed & Simplicity: Installing a wireless LAN system can be fast and easy and can eliminate the need to pull cable through walls and ceilings.

Reduced Cost-of-Ownership: While the initial investment required for wireless LAN hardware can be higher than the cost of wired LAN hardware, our overall installation expenses and life-cycle costs will be significantly lower. In other words, with us the long-term cost benefits are greatest in dynamic environments requiring frequent moves and changes.

Scalability: Our wireless LAN systems can be configured in a variety of topologies to meet the needs of specific applications and installations. Configurations can be easily changed and range from peer-to-peer networks suitable for a small number of users to full infrastructure networks of thousands of users that enable roaming over a broad area.

How to Set Up a Wireless Network

Because setting up a wireless network requires an understanding of the systems that will make up that network, using computer diagnostics on each system before you begin is smart. For example, do you know the specifications for each computer? While it is not overly difficult to manually inventory each computer, computer diagnostic software can do it for you automatically with just a click of a button. Once an inventory has been generated for each computer, you can then print your inventories out and quickly see potential problems.

For example, you might realize that some of the computers run Windows XP while others run Windows Vista, Windows 7, or even Macintosh. You may also notice that some computers have wireless network adapters while others do not. You may even discover that some of the older network adapters do not support the wireless standard that your new wireless network will be running on.

Armed with this knowledge, you can prepare for the network set up. You may need to run down to the computer shop and buy a few wireless adapters. You may want to upgrade the operating systems of a few of the PCs to ensure compatibility. By running computer repair software beforehand, you can make these decisions and adjustments before setting up the network.

Once you have run the diagnostic computer repair software and know what you’re dealing with, you can then start planning the network design. You will need a wireless network router and compatible wireless network adapters for each computer. The router physically connects to your broadband Internet connection, so place it near your cable modem or DSL outlet. Initially, you will need to connect a computer to the router using a cable in order to configure the network. This is temporary. Once the network is set up, you can untether the computer and work wirelessly from that point forward.

During the configuration process, you will use Internet Explorer to access the router. Use the documentation that came with your router for the specific address and password. For example, if you have a Linksys router, you will enter “” into Internet Express’s address bar and use the username of “admin” and the password of “admin” in order to access the router’s configuration interface.

While the specific steps will vary, the process is similar. You will need to give your wireless network a name in the SSID field, choose an encryption type and passphrase, and set an administrative password.

Once the basic configuration has been set up, the next step is to connect the computers to the network. Assuming the network adapters have been installed and are turned on, turn on each computer and connect each one to the network individually. Do this by going to Start > Connect To and then selecting the network from the list. You will be prompted to enter the passphrase you specified earlier. That is it. Your network has been set up.

If any of the computers have problems connecting to the new wireless network, check to make sure that their network adapters are turned on and consider using computer diagnostics to rule out problems with the wireless network adapter.

Remote Support and Outsourcing IT solutions is now the latest trend and has become a highly effective and popular business today. Outsourcing your IT department has many cost-effective and latest technical implementations benefits. Roanoke Computers is built with a full-time staff of engineers and technicians who have the ability to remotely access and manage many IT systems. Some of the things are as such: workstations, servers, telephone systems, switches and routers. In addition, Roanoke Computers can automate day-to-day tasks that make the systems run their best. They offer affordable and fixed monthly fees for monitoring and maintenance of the systems. Roanoke Computers offers remote assistance from certified engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, Roanoke Computers offers on-site consulting and assistance to problems that cannot be resolved in a remote setting. Roanoke Computers will suggest money-saving choices that will help optimize your business while staying cost effective. There is no more guessing when you hire Roanoke Computers for your Remote IT services.

Remote Support Services:

 Software Upgrades


 Server and desktop support

 Backup services

 Telephone system support

 Network support

 Hardware support

 IT system management

 Servicing & Maintenance


 System design consultation (where applicable)

Roanoke Computers is the best remote IT solution provider who will take care of all your IT and Telecom needs. All major IT and Telecom critical infrastructures would be managed and run through our efficient remote infrastructure management services to manage controls on desktops, servers, firewalls, switches, applications, databases, and other IT services that need to be available at all times.

Roanoke Computers’ Remote IT Support Services offer solutions for the following problems:

Services against Hardware Problems are:

  • Installation of hardware devices
  • Printing or scanning problems
  • Installation of Service Packs and security updates
  • Updates for servers and applications
  • Server monitoring using Microsoft Operations Manager and Nagios

Services against Software Problems are:

  • Anti-Virus Installations and Updates
  • Installation of software
  • System related problems like slow processing and frequent ‘hangs’
  • De-fragmenting the hard drive for better performance
  • Removing unnecessary network settings
  • Uninstalling unnecessary software that may harm the computer
  • Deleting temporary files and other unnecessary files that get created automatically and lead to slow processing
  • Running diagnostic software and correcting disk/directory errors

Services against Networking Problems are:

  • Network assessment Performance to make sure that your network adjusts to professional standards of security and remote access
  • Regular Security audit to protect your network from hackers and viruses

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Roanoke Computers is one of the leading and rapidly growing website designing & SEO company offering the best and most affordable services like e-commerce web solutions, flash web designs, custom web design and graphics design. Designing that perfect website is not an easy task to perform. It needs concentration and dedication with a personal and professional touch. We deliver high quality web designing services through our motivated and qualified web design and coding teams which is focused on exceeding client’s expectations every time. You will be amazed by our excellent web designing skills which is used to create unique and attractive websites. Some of the services we offer are logos, banner designs, interesting and aesthetic looking user interface pages, Online advertisement designs, corporate web design for all of your corporate needs, Design website graphics, Help you create your own logo design, and much more.

Services We Offer:

  • Web Development

  • Web Maintenance

  • Web Hosting

  • Online Marketing

  • Mobile Websites

  • Mobile Applications

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Design

  • Video Productions

  • Social Media Integration

  • Digital Marketing

  • Reputation Management

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Mobile Apps Marketing

  • SEO Services

  • Custom Software Development

  • Internet Software Development

  • Microsoft Development

  • DNN Development Services

  • SugarCRM Development

  • Offshore Development Center

  • Quality Control Services

  • IT Consulting

  • Knowledge Management

  • Application Migration

  • Trading Services

  • Product Authentication Solution

  • Education Software Products

  • Financial Accounting

  • BPO Services

Featured Services

  • HTML5 website design

  • E-commerce websites

  • Content Managed sites

  • Android App Development

  • iPhone App Development

  • Facebook App Development

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • WordPress customization

  • Magento E-Commerce sites

  • Joomla CMS websites

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  • Creative content writing

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  • Custom CMS

E-Commerce Portal

  • Enterprise Integration

  • Open Source Development

  • PHP MySQL Web Development

  • Hire Dedicated Developer

Software Development

  • ASP .NET Development

  • Java/J2EE Applications

  • Web Portal Development

  • CRM, ERP Solutions

Application Development

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CMS Development

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Framework Development

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E-Shop Development

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Mobile Development

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Every Business Needs a Website

Customers look online before they call. Let us create you a website that connects you with your customers. Our expert designers learn about your business and come up with unique concepts that are easy for the novice web browser to use. We will design a professional website that you can be proud of. One that delivers the company’s message with clarity and precision. First impressions are irreversible. That is why your corporate website needs to have exceptional professional quality while also being enjoyable to navigate.

Your website shouldn’t contain heavy content pages which can create problems during a webpage visit. Any hiccup a user experiences may send them off to another site. Your website should be designed and managed in such a manner that it can be loaded properly and quickly even if a potential client is browsing with a slower internet connection. This will allow that potential client to navigate your website with ease. Keeping these essential features in mind, we have a team of skilled designers who design websites as per the details provided by the client with attention to every detail.

Roanoke Computers also delivers you the services for website hosting that allows organizations and individuals to make their website accessible via the internet. We manage Domains, DNS, Emails, Websites, and much more. Once a website has met the completion of designing and developing phases, we are then ready to host the website making it accessible to the world.

Without getting the approval of the client, Roanoke Computers does not launch the website on the World Wide Web. These services are rendered by a team skilled developers and website designers for the appropriate and effective launching of the website.

For all of your web hosting, web development, and web design needs call Roanoke Computers @ (540) 491-4545

Roanoke Computers is built with a full-time staff of engineers and technicians. Roanoke Computers offers IT and Telecom Consultingas well as remote assistancefrom certified engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Roanoke Computers offers on-site consulting and assistance to problems that cannot be resolved in a remote setting. Roanoke Computers will suggest money-saving choices that will help optimizeyour business while staying cost effective. There is no more guessing when you hire the Roanoke Computers for your IT Telecom, and Security consulting services.

To have guidance is important and plays a significant role in every aspect of our lives, be it professional or personal. We are the best consultants for the computer, telephone, technology industry. We give you the latest information of technology that is currently in the market. We spend time researching and understanding the requirements of our clients and help them to resolve budgetary related problems as well. We are the most active technology firm in the computer consulting business. Our engineers and technicians give you high level of results. Just think…. If a human person needs care and love, why can’t a machine demand the same

Professional Roanoke IT Consulting

– Focused on Helping You Increase Productivity

Roanoke Computers is a trusted name in Roanoke IT consulting. We specialize in working with small to medium-sized businesses who are tired of losing time and money with reactive IT maintenance and support systems. We implement a stable and secure IT infrastructure for your business that focuses on preventative and proactive maintenance. As a result of our comprehensive IT consulting plans, you are able to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your business and enjoy a computer network that runs smoothly.

When to Hire a Professional IT Consulting Company in ROANOKE?

How do you know if you need help from a professional ROANOKE IT consulting company? Ask yourself these simple questions. Is your computer network slow and unreliable? Are you losing productivity due to sluggish computers? Does your current infrastructure provide you with more problems than solutions? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, it may be time to speak with a professional IT consulting firm ROANOKE. After conducting an IT audit and assessment of your business, our technicians and engineers will be able identify where there is room for improvement and where new technologies can be incorporated. As a trusted name in IT consulting in Roanoke we will help you create a plan that includes a variety of services including network security and data recovery to ensure your business continues to operate in case of an emergency. With Roanoke Computers, you can rest assured that your highest technical priorities are being addressed. Your IT service provider should be your partner and right-hand man. Let our team of Roanoke-based IT experts give you cutting-edge technology, unbeatable service, and outstanding value for all of your technology needs.

We offer the extra manpower or specialized expertise necessary to get the job done.

Roanoke Computers is Roanoke’s leader in technology management and IT consulting. Our reputation for providing personalized service and expert tech support, while employing best-in-class technologies, is the foundation behind our client success. IT solution providers should be honestreliable, and they must have good reputation in the market. We offer you complete suite of personalized services that include the following:

1 . Systems Upgrades
2 .
 Server Relates Issues (maintenance, troubleshooting, sales, and etc.)
3 .
 Cloud Computing
4 .
 Networking Services
5 .
 Data backup and protection
6 .
 Security Protocol
7 .
 Internet and LAN/Wireless Access
8 .
 IP Security Cameras (Design, Install, Repair, Maintain)

With the advent of the latest technology, it has become more possible to solve major issues in short span of time, increasing profitability and productivity at the same time. We are a Roanoke based company and support the New River Valley Area. Since 2011, we have been leaving a mark with the credible work we do. We serve companies of all kinds with our innovative, practical and trustworthy computer, network, security, marketing and telephone related consulting services solutions to motivate you and help you to grow and nourish your business. We also provide assistance to technically driven or challenged homeowners. Our staff and professionals have wide array of experience. Do not get threatened with the theft of data, because we are here to recover your lost data with our skills and tactics. So, we suggest in order to save time and money, we are just a phone call away to give you honest and trust-worthy technical assistance. Do not panic as every problem has a solution.

Roanoke’s Premier IT Service & Support Provider for Businesses

We are Roanoke’s Leader in IT Management & IT Consulting.

Are you searching for a reliable IT service provider in Roanoke? Roanoke Computers can help you make the best technology decisions for your business. With Roanoke Computers, you will tap into unparalleled expertise in technology solutions along with top-notch service every step of the way. We offer a plethora of IT services & solutions in ROANOKE, including Managed IT services, Help Desk support, IT consulting, custom OEM builds, website services and more. When you’re ready to find your way to effective IT solutions in VA, or even nationwide, we are here, standing by to help. **We also specialize in High Definition (HD) IP Network Security Camera System Installations for Roanoke** Roanoke Computers is a full-service technology firm. We are staffed with full time IT Consultants, Network Consultants, Telecommunication Consultants, and Security Consultants in Roanoke

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