Memory Upgrade


If you want your computer to perform faster, then you need a MEMORY UPGRADE.


A Memory Upgrade includes:


Installing the Memory

Testing Memory Compatibility

Selecting and Purchasing the Correct Memory

Memory Install

Ever computer is upgradable (even though you may be restricted to upgrading your if you've purchased on on contract).


[If you have an exclusive contract that restricts you from "breaking the seal" and opening your computer, you may void your computer warranty.]


Installing additional memory isn't as simple as opening your computer and plopping-in new sticks. Our professionals are experienced in using a "static-free" procedure that doesn't harm the electric charges of your additional circuitry. We also know exactly where each stick should be placed, as there are multiple slots available on each desktop and tower.


Testing Memory Compatibility

All hardware, especially memory, must "agree" with your computer's "motherboard" to operate properly. Incompatible memory could cause registry errors, the loss of vital device drivers, and sometimes can corrupt your operating system entirely.


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Memory Selection & Purchase

We will choose, purchase and install the correct memory for your computer, and then reconfigure your memory to allocate to RAM and virtual resources.


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