Factory Restoration W/Data Backup and a 4GB Flash Drive


If you save sensitive information on your computer, then you need a Data Backup to safeguard any data loss.




Backing up all data

Formatting the Hard Drive for a Clean Reinstall

Reinstalling the Operating System

Restoring all Data and Drivers

Installing Java, Adobe Reader, Flash Viewer

Reinstalling your Purchased Software


If your computer needs a backup system, then you need a DATA BACKUP setup.



Connecting an external Hard Drive or Online Backup service

Configuring the backup settings and scheduling


External Hard Drive (or Online Backup Service) Connection

Today's external hard drives come with a USB connection. USB stands for "Universal Serial Bus"; the standard hard-wire connection for most of today's digital devices. This makes is a little easier to "hot swap" multiple flash drives (picture above) and hard drives while the computer remains "ON" (this wasn't possible a decade ago).


There are multiple websites that provide disk space for data backup. Some are "free" while others are "paid" services, and then some are legitimate while many are not. We can find the proper online service, and setup your account for you.


Configuring Backup Settings & Schedule

Data can be stored in multiples formats (such as FAT32 and NTFS). Depending on your preference of external Hard Drive device - and your existing data format - as well as your computer network settings, we will configure your backup settings.


Also, each person and business uses their computer(s) differently. You may require daily backups for your data, or weekly data backups. We will determines your unique needs and schedule your computer to perform backups accordingly.


NOTE: Your computer must remain "ON" in order for your scheduled backups to run properly.


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