Computer Tune-Up with Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal




If your computer or laptop is running slowly and you think it used to be much faster, then you need a COMPUTER TUNE-UP WHIT VIRUS/SPYWARE/MALWARE REMOVAL.


  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Clean the Registry
  • Defrag the Hard Drive (If Needed)
  • Clean temporary files
  • Vacuum out Computer (only at our facility)
  • Reset Internet Explorer
  • Removal of Unnecessary Programs & Toolbars
  • Reset Security Settings
  • Update Windows
  • Update or Install an Anti-Virus program
  • Update or Install an Anti-Spyware program

Remove Virus / Spyware

Please see 'remove virus / spyware' for details of our service.


Clean Computer Registry

As programs are install and uninstalled, computers can leave files and folders no longer in use on your registry. After a while this process robs your computer resources as your system must navigate through a forest of unnecessary files.

During a simple uninstall, often many registry entries (that are shared with multiple programs) are deleted and cause your computer to lag or run freeze.

We clean registry elements no longer in use and fix element that are corrupt and/or missing.


Defrag Hard Drive (If needed)

Have you read our tip on saving computer disk space?

Remember, eventually it takes longer for the computer to find the files your programs need to use as all your files eventually become disorganized.

Defragmenting your hard drive is the process of reorganizing your computer files back into their proper location so your system is able to find the necessary files more easily.

Defragging your computer files is dependent on the size an usage of your disk space so we'll only defrag your files if necessary.


Clean Temporary Files

As you navigate the Internet, files are temporarily stored on your computer so you can more easily access the web pages you visit often. Unfortunately, these system folders are hardly ever deleted - storing years worth of files and causing your computer to use more and more disk space.

Computer Repair Force cleans all your temporary file folders.


Vacuum Inside Computer (At facility)

One of the most overlooked causes of a slow computer is dust.

Dust buildup onto the circuitry of your computer's motherboard (and additional internal cards) and CPU fan can also cause your system to run more slowly.

DID YOU KNOW: Your CPU performs millions of instructions and operations that it must stay at a specific temperature so it doesn't overheat and melt!

While you might assume that you could use your household vacuum to clean your computer, care must be taken to clean all internals of your machine or you can seriously damage your computer.

Let our professionals clean your computer in our facility's "static-free" zone, using our specialized vacuum and taking the utmost care to clean all your circuitry.


Reset Internet Explorer

Dozens of add-ons and BHOs (browser helper objects) at unknowingly install and activated on your computer each day you visit the Internet.

If you use browsers like Internet Explorer (or even Firefox), constant installation and operation of these programs can clog your browser making it operate more slowly.

We will remove unnecessary add-ons and reset your browser back to default.


Remove Unnecessary Programs & Toolbars

Continuing from the above step...not only are "add-ons" installed on your browser, but unnecessary toolbars are as well.

Most of us have experienced installing a cool program onto our computer that also offer an additional toolbar like "Yahoo" or "Google". Most legitimate companies (at least) ask whether you'd like to install their toolbar and additional programs, but others install theirs without your permission.

Having multiple toolbars and programs that you're not using robs your computer of resources to operate more quickly.


Reset Security Settings

I'm sure you're aware that "less Internet security" is dangerous for your computer and personal information, but "too much security" can lock your computer from running more smoothly.

There are legitimate security setting and third-party programs that slowdown your computer's response-time because they are check each file being accesses.

Please don't misunderstand, security is important, but it is unnecessary for websites and programs that you continuously use and trust.

We will reset your security settings to allow for the best protection, which also understands which websites and programs should be trusted and overlooked.


Update Windows

The guys who created your operating system [Microsoft] are always improving their "builds" (versions of their associated programs) to add speed and efficiency, but to push new versions of programs onto your system is a violation of privacy laws.

So if your computer is not set to notify you of updates, you aren't maximizing the speed and potential of your machine.

We will check to make sure you're running the most up-to-date version of your operating system on your computer.


Install / Update Anti-Virus (Spyware) Programs

The first defense to any invading virus, spyware and/or adware is a strong virus blocking program, such as McAfee, Norton, Ad-Aware, etc.

We will make sure you have a strong anti-virus program on your computer, or make sure that your current anti-virus program is up-to-date.

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