If you want to connect to the internet and share files and printers wirelessly, then you need WIRELESS NETWORKING


  • Connecting and Configuring all Routers, Adapters and other Wireless Networking Devices
  • Connecting all Computers and Accessories to the Wireless Network
  • Configuring the Wireless Network for Maximum Speed & Efficiency

Routers, Adapters & Devices

All routers, adapters and networking devices must be properly setup before attempting to establishing your wireless network.

Setting up your hardware can sometimes be as difficult (or more difficult) than setting your VCR, DVD player, Surround Sound or TIVO...especially if you purchase your network devices from different manufacturers.

Sometimes instructions do not use the same terminology, which can be confusing.

Also, each network devices different and may have unique features and options that must be set properly to allow communication to your computer and other devices.

Computers & Accessories

Physical connection of all computers and accessories can be simple enough - just plug in each wire in it's correct location - but virtual connection of each can be a hassle if you're not familiar with computer networking: Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing, Subnet Masking, MAC Addressing, etc.

Don't burden yourself with trying to figure out this stuff, you've got better things to do. We'll struggle with it so you won't need to.

Configuring Wireless Network for Security, Speed, Efficiency

While a wireless connection has its advantages, if its not configured correctly it can cause new computer problems for you.

Contrary to popular assumption, a wire connection is NOT an invisible wire or beam that connects all your computers, accessories and devices. It is a field - a bubble - that expands in an area.

Imagine a pond... now imagine dropping a stone in that pond, which causes a ripple to expand all around until it disappears. This is the way a wireless network transmits it's signal, and any device in your network's area that can "see" the signal can "read" your information.

  • We make sure your network is configured to restrict access to any other wireless devices in your area (neighbors' computers, laptops, blackberries, etc.) by setting WPA Algorithms & Keys.
  • We make sure your wireless devices are positioned to receive the strongest signal from from your network, so you're not wasting signal.
  • And we make sure your devices are setup to best understand your signal for maximum speed.

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